Catch Up

Man, we have had a whirlwind weekend celebrating Halloween. We have really sucked at halloween preparations for all of Satina's existence sadly. Growing up we always had halloween parties, and awesome costumes, as well as door to door trick or treating. It breaks my heart that door to door TorT is no longer standard practice. Trunk or Treat is safer but not as fun. Luckily we were able to go to three different events at area churches one each on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.Plus Satina's school was out on Friday so thats when we went and let Satina pick pumpkins, only at Walmart, nothing cool like a pumpkin patch, but she enjoyed it anyway. Oh and on Thursday we brought treat bags into her class. The kids LOVED them and I think Mrs. Cloud enjoyed them as well. We sent crepe paper wrapped mummy juice boxes,tootsie pop spiders,miniature chocolate bar ghosts and bats, treat bags with a variety of candies, bubbles, pencils, erasers and novelty rings. Saturday we went to the Fest-i-Fall at Way of Grace Ministries just up the road. They had bounce houses and carnival games, concessions hay rides and were giving away prizes. There was also the option for free popcorn, smores and juice boxes but we dumbly didnt read the itinerary we were given upon arrival and so we didn't get as much out of the evening as we should have. That and the fact that mom made us leave at only 7pm cos she was tired.Thus we missed trunk or treating. arrgh. Note to future self, always plan to stay the full duration of an event. Its more fun. Sunday we headed over to Westside Community Church for their fall festival. They had a bounce house, inflatable slide, hay rides, a cake walk, gave out candy, and free food, plus a little petting area with a donkey and some rabbits and such. Again we didnt take full advantage, though we did better this time. Satina and I did go on a little hay ride, her first ever, and she kept exclaiming about how fast/cool it was and how she couldnt believe it. Its so funny when she says things like that, but it also emphasizes to me how many experiences she has yet to have. She had fun anyway, and got quite a bit of candy. After that we went and took a few pictures and then went to the park to play a bit. Unfortunately Satina somehow managed to double flip (head over heels) inside a tubed slide and she banged herself up a bit, but she was more devastated over the fact that her brand new 'colorful butterfly tattoo' was partially scraped off! Oh well. To cheer her up we went to Mcdonalds and got a ice cream cone off the dollar menu. It worked, The funniest thing happened when we got home and were getting out of the car Satina handed Mom the cone to hold so she wouldnt drop it and Mom dropped it on the ground. It was SO funny, Satina was a little upset, and mom picked it up, blew it off and gave it back to her, hahaha. Hey, God made dirt right? Later that night we got to work on our Hello Kitty pumpkin. An important lesson was learned. If you let a 5 year old paint a pumpkin, do NOT expect perfection or be sad when its anything but. Haha. Oh well, whatever. As I write this she is painting the other side of the pumpkin, just because. Whatever makes her happy.We just finished watching Hocus Pocus, her first time. CRAZY. Cos I love that movie. Its really great actually because I have been trying to get a hold of it at the library but its been checked out all month long, no surprise there really, anyways so Stinas friend/coworker Jolene randomly gave Satina a brand new copy of Hocus Pocus, Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin and Spooky Buddies. SCORE! Bonus, Spooky Buddies and Hocus Pocus were Disney releases so I got a combined 175 disney bucks. Woot. Anyway so yesterday the big church right up the road, New Destiny Christian Center, had Hallelujah night, which was an alternative to trick or treating. Man did they pull out all the stops, they had two horses for pony rides, a full sized ferris wheel, a super slide, three bounce houses, a zero gravity ride,one of those big viking ship rides, airplane things for kids, and a bungy/trampoline thing. Plus live entertainment and free food, (hot dogs, burgers, lemonade) and treat bags full of candy and cookies for the kids. Everything was completely free too! There were some things that you could by, like these (super good EXTREMELY hot) ribs, wings, candy apples etc, but you didnt need too cos they had other stuff free. Mom bought some ribs and fries, and candy apples. SO GOOD. Anyway, Satina had SO MUCH FUN. When on the airplane ride she was kind of lonely but another little girl got in the plane with her (also with pink hair!) and that was it! Instant friendship, we actually had her with us the entire night, her caregiver just basically handed her over to us and checked in every 20 minutes or so. It was great of both of them so they had someone to play with/ride with. Her name was Cambria and she is 4, and in Pre K. It was cute. Anyway lots of fun. Satina really liked her costume,which she was a LaLaLoopsy. Only a handful of people the whole weekend knew what she was right off, but it was enough to make her happy. Anyways it was very pleasant and much better than last year in Bardstown even though there was no trick or treating. Anyway thats how our weekend has been. Balls to the walls busy and fun!

Also, its November, so I am starting "No Soda November" today. Its an attempt to wean myself off of soda, cos its all I drink, and in an effort to lose a little weight. Its just the first step in my plan, baby steps eh? Anyways, so far so good, no soda today just water, and a moment ago, a cup of coffee. The latter because my head is POUNDING. Miserable! I will keep ya updated, They say it takes 21 days to make a habit of something,lets see if I can last that long haha.

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Gah you drive me nuts. Just because you have been at a job a couple of months does not make you reigning sales queen of the world. Stop giving stupid advice. kthanxbye.

I Wanna Be A Billionaire So Freakin Baaad.

Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it sure leads to a much stressful life! If I were to win the lottery (like a LARGE amount) here is what I would do.

First off I would take the lump sum. Better cash today, then government crash and me never see my money. I would get a lawyer to anonymously claim my win for me.
Next I would pay off all my debt. Student loans, credit cards, past due bills whatever.
I would repeat this process for Christina, Mom , Agaytha, Nana, and Seville. Priorities.
I would buy myself and the aformentioned vehicles as well. Plus Cassie, Blaine Brittany and Travis.
I would buy a nice,but not overly extravagant house for myself somewhere in the states.
I would get mom and Stina a house to share. A good sized one with duel masters.
I would pay off Agaytha and Loris house.
I would get Cassie a place of her own, and get her set up.
I would get Lia and Jeff a house big enough for their brood.
I would get Seville and Steven a small place stateside,and a hostel setup somewhere.
I would also pay for a reasonably sized destination wedding for them.
I would buy a large compound somewhere in South America, and stock it for the end of the world.lol.
I would travel. All the time.
I would keep a majority of my money in an international, probably Swiss account.
I would buy affordable vacation houses all over the world for personal use and added income.
I would buy and revamp a cute little RV and roadtrip the country.
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I have come to the conclusion that the seasons are a state of mind. We expect cooler weather in the fall, cold in the winter etc so we get it. Its an effect of collective energy. Or at least that is my justification for why althought its September in Florida and we have hot weather, I am shivering and dreaming of scarfs and cool weather items. The thought also occured to me that perhaps its more than the seasons but our entire experience on this planet all together. I mean if you can create your own person heaven or hell, why shouldnt you be able to do the same here?

fucking ridiculous

according to the school, we live too close for bus pickup. we live 1.7 miles from the school. they expect a five year old to walk 3.5 miles a day to and from school. thats some shit. now they say yes there is a bus that comes on property but only special needs kids can ride it. so anyways, because of christinas new job we wont have the car here to take her to school so i just found out that they plan on withdrawing her monday, which is supposed to be her first day of kindergarten. her first official day of school and she doesnt even get to go. i am depressed. its not fair. we are totally ruining her life and they dont even see it. mom is totally being mean to me just because i am upset.i mean for real, its horrible. im so sad. how screwed up is it to take her out of kindergarten before she starts. she has been waiting to go to school since we pulled her out of head start. sigh. i hate my life. we are so screwed up.

They Are Always Listening

starbehindthescenes: oh my god. that is the craziest shit i have ever heard
starbehindthescenes: idk about stabbed and tortured haha
virgonature2002: I KNOW DUDE
virgonature2002: she sounds fucking insane
virgonature2002: like srsly insane
starbehindthescenes: the people of the world know her name
virgonature2002: I KNOW
starbehindthescenes: she is a no namer
virgonature2002: walking down the steets of lville
starbehindthescenes: contradicting herself lol
virgonature2002: and uh what did she do in ft hood aside from fucking a guy?
virgonature2002: where the humantiarian aid in that?
virgonature2002: what was he too gross for others to fuck so she was doing a public service?
starbehindthescenes: the bit about working for the homeless is the part that gets me
virgonature2002: I KNOW when? she cant count herself
starbehindthescenes: exactly
virgonature2002: if she cant even keep her apt and a job
virgonature2002: she will fit right in with politics
starbehindthescenes: LOL
starbehindthescenes: if she gets elected to the sewage council of blackgnat I am moving to mexico
virgonature2002: im your yogi bear!
virgonature2002: LOL
virgonature2002: ugh i wish i could see more pic of hi he looks sexy
starbehindthescenes: its sick but I am very seriously contemplating copying that whole message and saving it in case I ever get to tell her off again I can reference her crazy
virgonature2002: LMFAO DO IT!
starbehindthescenes: haha its probably private so you cant steal him away
virgonature2002: thats awesome!!
virgonature2002: shes insane
starbehindthescenes: I think I am going to
virgonature2002: god crystla fb is so boring
virgonature2002: i hate having to log on to it, i wish i could go through mine direct
starbehindthescenes: I know. the only disadvantage to telling her like I did is that she blocked me and I cant do it again and again
virgonature2002: i know it sucks haha id she still on ur yahoo?
starbehindthescenes: idk probably
starbehindthescenes: oh no actually
starbehindthescenes: i deleted almost everyone haha
starbehindthescenes: i saved that so we can reference back. such freaking gold
virgonature2002: it is beautiful, come 2032 paste it on her wall lol
starbehindthescenes: the bad thing is, I think she believes it. So shes like clinically insane
starbehindthescenes: haha right like fb will exist then
starbehindthescenes: We will have to be some sick puppies to have kept tabs on her through the social networks for 20 years simply to be like haha bitch you crazy and homeless, even now. How is the oval office treating ya?
virgonature2002: she is legally insane, its just wild.
virgonature2002: hahaha it would be funny
virgonature2002: and she draws out my inner bitch
virgonature2002: i cant help it
starbehindthescenes: oh I know it would, I am just saying what would that say about us hahaha
virgonature2002: i just want to be a major bitch to her
virgonature2002: sick but not as bad as she is hahaha
starbehindthescenes: creepy
starbehindthescenes: Spent the day with our Daughter Paige. Thanx Lillie Mattingly-bear. I had so much fun. Then While taking her to her Nanny and Paw-Paws house, my lil'sister Victoria wanted to go to the park with me and my Daughter, so we went and we had so much fun!!! Thanks so much for sharing her with me and for being so understanding LIl. I ♥ you and I ♥ our little girl! Boy did I have a great day!!
starbehindthescenes: that.is.CREEPY
virgonature2002: that is very creepy
virgonature2002: shes working on getting impregnated
starbehindthescenes: but Paige is Lillis kid
virgonature2002: i cant believe she doesnt think its insane the guy is willing to marry her after what less then a week of dating/
virgonature2002: I know
virgonature2002: and shes one ugly kid
virgonature2002: lol
starbehindthescenes: I mean when you have kids they will be my babies but not MY DAUGHTERS AND SONS
starbehindthescenes: This aint no sisterwife shit
virgonature2002: hahahahhah oh I know dude
virgonature2002: shes so fucked up, i pray she cant ever had kids
starbehindthescenes: she makes me cuss. ugh. I have been doing so well lol
virgonature2002: like i hope her ovaries are messed up
virgonature2002: SHES incites that reaction
virgonature2002: its her nature
starbehindthescenes: yeah it would definitely be best if she never has spawn
starbehindthescenes: even her cats are antisocial and crazy
virgonature2002: hahaha pawn
virgonature2002: spawn
starbehindthescenes: its fittin
starbehindthescenes: g
virgonature2002: like a salmon
virgonature2002: after they spawn the male dies lol
virgonature2002: wonder if its applicable
starbehindthescenes: haha poor yogi
starbehindthescenes: i wonder how old he is
virgonature2002: he graduated in 93
starbehindthescenes: gross
starbehindthescenes: I was in third grade in 93
starbehindthescenes: he looks older than that
virgonature2002: I know right! i was in first o 2nd
virgonature2002: hes like 36ish im guessing
starbehindthescenes: second, seeing that I was in third lol
virgonature2002: in 92 i was in kindergarden so i was in 1st
starbehindthescenes: no way. you are only one year behind me
virgonature2002: i remem ber 92 specifically because i was amazed it was the year 1992
starbehindthescenes: and I have my third grade 1993 yearbook
virgonature2002: hahaha i def wasnt in 2nd
virgonature2002: im positive it was first
starbehindthescenes: im positive i was in third
virgonature2002: isnt that weird?
virgonature2002: its 2011
starbehindthescenes: yes I know.
virgonature2002: i dont feel fully prepped for 2012
starbehindthescenes: how could you
virgonature2002: i mean i dont have a fraction of the tools and supplies i need
virgonature2002: im covered with canned goods enough for id say a month between the two of us and rationing
starbehindthescenes: and I mean, howcould you, you havent had nearly enough time or money to prepare
virgonature2002: oh i know it just blows
virgonature2002: well having the tent will help for sure
starbehindthescenes: too bad its not a harry potter tent
starbehindthescenes: makes me sad to see it almost because I want one and cant ever ever have one. lame.science should focus on that instead of cloning livestock
virgonature2002: if it was we would be living in it right now
virgonature2002: I KNOW
virgonature2002: people are already living in tent cities
virgonature2002: i mean its the natural progression
starbehindthescenes: those would be the most badass tents ever though
virgonature2002: it would be amazing
virgonature2002: if they put them out tho they would be like 100k
virgonature2002: at first
starbehindthescenes: but you could loot one haha
starbehindthescenes: thats awful
starbehindthescenes: but true
virgonature2002: true once the end comes
starbehindthescenes: the tent is basically like a room of requirement
starbehindthescenes: yep
virgonature2002: but id have to battle how many people to try to get it?
virgonature2002: then constantly need to guard it
virgonature2002: sorta but the tent doesnt give u stuff like the room does
starbehindthescenes: ugh. just befriend the weasleys i guess.you like redheads anyway
virgonature2002: i need a tent thats mixture of both so it can stay hidden
virgonature2002: haha true, i do
starbehindthescenes: idk it might give you stuff, it didnt say that it didnt
starbehindthescenes: and it was awfully well stocked
virgonature2002: true, but it doesnt stay hidden otherwise people would have made it during the quiddich world cup
starbehindthescenes: i know the mr weasleys bag didnt have beds and couches and a table and chairs in it
virgonature2002: when the death eaters came
virgonature2002: i think they come with the stuff based on the model u get or the stuff u put in it
starbehindthescenes: oh i know, but perhaps they have an upgrade for it
starbehindthescenes: oh that would make sense I guess
virgonature2002: true, im fine with furnishing it myself though
starbehindthescenes: but since the weasleys are broke their model must have been on the lower end then
starbehindthescenes: i mean imagine what the malfoy tent must have been like
virgonature2002: oh im sure it was
virgonature2002: OH GOD i know but i bet very dark and full of drab colors
starbehindthescenes: so I wonder if theirs has invisibility capabilities
virgonature2002: i want a gypsy tent
starbehindthescenes: oh me to!
starbehindthescenes: brb pee
virgonature2002: well if we wee in the magical world we could put a charm bubble around it to hide camp
virgonature2002: k
starbehindthescenes: haha we wee
starbehindthescenes: okay brb
virgonature2002: that was a quick pee
starbehindthescenes: nope i am backnow
starbehindthescenes: i just read that message before i went
virgonature2002: hahaha
virgonature2002: i know
starbehindthescenes: and it said we wee so i felt the need to reply
virgonature2002: i was watching
starbehindthescenes: i knew someone was,i thought it was the neighbors again
virgonature2002: nah, i actually have a cam set up in every room of the house, 4 in the bathroom alone
starbehindthescenes: oh wow, thats thorough
starbehindthescenes: and overkill, two would easily cover the bathroom
virgonature2002: not really
virgonature2002: the bathroom is where i have the most cams set up
virgonature2002: the rest have one a piece
virgonature2002: i sell the videos i get
virgonature2002: lets just say Christina can tear a toilet up with no prob
starbehindthescenes: i would hope so, it would be creepy if they were for personal use
virgonature2002: she brings me the most money in
virgonature2002: LOL
virgonature2002: u should visit the site sometime
starbehindthescenes: but since its entreprenueral then its smart
starbehindthescenes: not the question about why use the shower house suddenly makes sense
virgonature2002: wwww.christinaskatcatcraplogpoopshitdoodoopoopoo.com
virgonature2002: hahahahahaha
virgonature2002: =)
virgonature2002: hadnt seen you in a while
starbehindthescenes: hahahaha thats an awesome url
virgonature2002: I know, i thought having Cat in it really classes it up
starbehindthescenes: i know, I am sure you must have thought I had given up bathing
virgonature2002: I figured you found one of the cams
starbehindthescenes: oh it definitely does, sets it apart from the resto of the craplogpoopshitdoodoopoopoo network sites
virgonature2002: haha im worried the showerhead one might waterlogged
virgonature2002: EXACTLY
starbehindthescenes: its a justifiable worry
starbehindthescenes: we talk about the weirdest crap haha
starbehindthescenes: more than half of our conversations have been nonsensical.
starbehindthescenes: which is exactly as it should be, I think
virgonature2002: but they make sense to us
starbehindthescenes: oh I know haha
virgonature2002: thats all that matters soul mate
virgonature2002: too bad they dont know its code
starbehindthescenes: i was JUST typing that
virgonature2002: MUAHAHA that will keep them busy for a few years
virgonature2002: muahaahahah
starbehindthescenes: well actually I was typing that the govt is busy trying to find patterns and codes
virgonature2002: and codes and patterns
starbehindthescenes: and cotterns and pades
virgonature2002: unicorns only dance while wearing rain boots in the desert
virgonature2002: and the sedoc dna snrettap.
starbehindthescenes: the popcorn mates during the harvest moon
starbehindthescenes: ohh the sedoc dna snrettap will throw them for sure
virgonature2002: Alas! it does but only if one drinks feather water from a beefalo.
virgonature2002: hahahahaha
starbehindthescenes: feather water is only as mighty as the bird who dropped it
virgonature2002: but in this case the mighty bird is but a waterbuffalo grazing on the tundra
virgonature2002: oooh yeah lets see if they can crack that!
starbehindthescenes: i disagree the mighty bird in this scanario is clearly a prickly pear
starbehindthescenes: haha if they ever really got ahold of these convos
virgonature2002: no no no the prickley pear is only on the 6th friday of the month!
virgonature2002: muhaha they already do
starbehindthescenes: but that was three tuesdays ago!
virgonature2002: Only if you follow the fawn calender
virgonature2002: the octopus clear states that its the waterbuffalo on the Canadian tundra
starbehindthescenes: i have followed it since the weft of the crescent of candor
virgonature2002: Candor was a biggot!
starbehindthescenes: the canadians never know what they are talking aboat
virgonature2002: you cannot trust a wizard who wears his underwear on his genitals
starbehindthescenes: no you are confusing Candor with Rodnac
virgonature2002: AH Rodnac, you are right!
virgonature2002: SMH
starbehindthescenes: you cannot trust a wizard with genitals, period
virgonature2002: forgive, a though tragdors your way
starbehindthescenes: underwear or not
virgonature2002: I spliced his!
virgonature2002: I apologize Rondac, I thought you were Candor
starbehindthescenes: thank goodness you saw the error in your ways
starbehindthescenes: or we might be having cake in the storm shelter
virgonature2002: dash it all! I must whistle and do the two step of the Byzantine Empire to make up for this
virgonature2002: NOOOO No cake in the storm shelter
virgonature2002: noooo
virgonature2002: I am apologetic a million times
starbehindthescenes: wait until sundown or the whistle will be wasted
virgonature2002: of course, what do you think? this is my first time at the gay rodeo?
starbehindthescenes: no, you are clearly an expert at putting panties on goats
virgonature2002: I have to insert it into the moon of the crowned gay!
starbehindthescenes: it was just a friendly reminder
virgonature2002: I have done it a few times
virgonature2002: =)
virgonature2002: you showed me how my first time, yo remember?
virgonature2002: you*
virgonature2002: like it was yesterday
starbehindthescenes: oh of course, its a tradition not to be forgotten
virgonature2002: 14 pairs of panties on 18 goats. I cannot live up to your standards
virgonature2002: one day....
virgonature2002: but I have become quite handy with putting bras on Austrian Elephants.
starbehindthescenes: its shameful that I couldnt have gotten a few more goats in there, but I was out of practice
starbehindthescenes: oh wow, I have attempted that myself but cant seem to get the second hook latched
virgonature2002: You have nothing to be ashamed of, you did it all in less than 2 minutes, it was amazing!
starbehindthescenes: you must share your technique
virgonature2002: I used 3 hook bras
virgonature2002: first i slather the elephants down with peanut butter.
virgonature2002: It doesnt help latching the bras but it is fun to do
starbehindthescenes: wow. no one has successfully dressed the elphants with three hooks since Seamus McGillicuddy O'hare in 2019
starbehindthescenes: and I personally would have never even thought of adding peanut butter
virgonature2002: I did it recently on the day of Aug 13th 2011
virgonature2002: it gives it a little something extra
virgonature2002: it also helps to mercilessly slaughter the elephants, play in their blood and sell their tusks as tribal sex toys
starbehindthescenes: thats quite an accomplishment perhaps you can do it again on March 11th 1857
virgonature2002: I will be booked up I fear, I am set to go back to the future then
starbehindthescenes: wow, taking it too far there. I mean who plays in their blood. Its clearly better for drinking
virgonature2002: but perhaps December 25 12BC?
starbehindthescenes: darn, please tell me if you meet yourself, and what he says to you
virgonature2002: I did drink it!! but I also needed a bath as well
starbehindthescenes: oh no thats the date of that one thing remember?
virgonature2002: killed two birds with one stone...
virgonature2002: or two elephants with one hacksaw
starbehindthescenes: Nothing helps a memory like an elephant blood bath
virgonature2002: the day I bailed Jesus out of that VD infested middle eastern Brothel?
starbehindthescenes: hacksaw?! sicko get with the times
virgonature2002: too him to his first MAA meeting
virgonature2002: chain saw I know SMH
virgonature2002: I will do better
starbehindthescenes: oh no no I was thinking those glass knives they used in the fifties
starbehindthescenes: 1950s that is
starbehindthescenes: they are much prettier
starbehindthescenes: and yes poor Jesus, he never could quit them hoes
virgonature2002: Jesus told them from me and sold them for mead
virgonature2002: nor the mead.
starbehindthescenes: oh yeah he got over the mead when he got on meth
starbehindthescenes: but then he never slept and had more time for the hoes
starbehindthescenes: catch 22 really
virgonature2002: hahaha this is true, poor Jesus, if only the public knew the true story of his ressurection.
starbehindthescenes: tsk tsk. We cant talk about it, we took a blood oath
virgonature2002: it marks the day he was able to achieve an errection for 121 hookers.
virgonature2002: I WILL SPEAK OF IT!
virgonature2002: I fear not the wrath
virgonature2002: HE WAS RISEN!
starbehindthescenes: haha imagine what the doctors would say if they knew of his 8 hour erection
virgonature2002: from the HARD rock
virgonature2002: thats what killed him
virgonature2002: lol
starbehindthescenes: and they say you should see a doctor after four
starbehindthescenes: haha
virgonature2002: we knew it would end badly but he had that meth on his brain
virgonature2002: I have decided to sell his penis on ebay
virgonature2002: what shall the reserve be?
starbehindthescenes: oh man, I hope it brings in as much as that cheeto did
starbehindthescenes: hmm..Jesus penis..8.00 reserve
virgonature2002: LOL Shawun Hinies Penis?
virgonature2002: haahhahahah
starbehindthescenes: I hope it isnt confused with your common south of the border Jesus penis
starbehindthescenes: haha not that cheeto, the Jeesus cheeto
virgonature2002: I will put a photo of his, as the white folks think he looks... hopefully they dont notice the brown penis
virgonature2002: OHHHH I see
virgonature2002: I ate it
starbehindthescenes: well hell. stop eating holy relics
starbehindthescenes: first the elvis potato and now this
virgonature2002: they age like a fine cheese!
virgonature2002: and to be fair that potato was found in Elvis anus and removed just after death
starbehindthescenes: and you like consuming bits of their soul
virgonature2002: it was still fresh
starbehindthescenes: dont deny that bit
virgonature2002: just tiny bits
virgonature2002: mostly the toe nails
virgonature2002: hair
virgonature2002: fingernails
virgonature2002: pubes
starbehindthescenes: oh goodness, you ate Elvis's ANAL potato
virgonature2002: hearts
virgonature2002: It tasted like a loaded potatoe!
starbehindthescenes: that alone could have bought the planet of Colaxia
virgonature2002: it came slathered in bacon grease and sour cream
virgonature2002: or what I assumed was sour cream...
virgonature2002: it was salty
starbehindthescenes: with a side of bananas
starbehindthescenes: and "peanut butter"
virgonature2002: mmmm you make me wish I had saved it for a later time to eat
virgonature2002: yum!
starbehindthescenes: http://cdn.inquisitr.com/wp-content/cheesus-cheeto-jesus.jpg
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virgonature2002: brb milky runs
starbehindthescenes: and the penguin shoots and scores
virgonature2002: its the virgin mary!
starbehindthescenes: Its clearly Jesus during the zombie walk of 1719
virgonature2002: ..........Cletus, you most certainly know it was 1718!
virgonature2002: do not confuse "the man"
virgonature2002: he is but a moron
virgonature2002: we do not want to give incorrect facts
starbehindthescenes: but we shant give too much away either
virgonature2002: Do you remember when he got drunks in Siberia and raped an entire village of polarbears?
virgonature2002: he had a problem with that tweak
virgonature2002: this is true but I want these historical facts remembered
starbehindthescenes: or when Captain Hook calls us back to Neverland, we will be but clocks in the croc of time and space
virgonature2002: I dont trust that swarthy pirate, he gives all the young boys hungry looks
virgonature2002: and not for food either.. which is creepy
virgonature2002: young boys are so tender
virgonature2002: i wonder when rob and steven will make babies
starbehindthescenes: The government must have been trying to crack the code, my yahoo froze up
virgonature2002: my browser froze too!!!!
virgonature2002: plink plop drop the tizzle top ;o)
virgonature2002: YAH-MA-KAH
virgonature2002: the jews did it
starbehindthescenes: aaand again
starbehindthescenes: twice frozen yahoo and browser
starbehindthescenes: conspiracy! like the dawn of the ice age
virgonature2002: they know project 75636849563658 has been enacted
starbehindthescenes: The jews? They are just scapegoats for the real masterminds
starbehindthescenes: the Amish
starbehindthescenes: oh shit
virgonature2002: the jews do all the body work as they are muscular and strong
virgonature2002: NOOOOOOOO
virgonature2002: we will be killed
starbehindthescenes: they can never find out about 7563849563658
virgonature2002: why did you speak of them!
starbehindthescenes: if this inferior government knows about the plan all was lost at all
starbehindthescenes: we are naught but snowflakes in the sahara
virgonature2002: but if the A-mish know they have been spoken of they will surely kills us during our moonphase
virgonature2002: them*
starbehindthescenes: and I do mean "all was lost at all"
virgonature2002: what was lost must be found
starbehindthescenes: The snozzberries taste like snozzberries
starbehindthescenes: I repeat, the snozzberries TASTE LIKE SNOZZBERRIES
virgonature2002: YES YES YES so smart, so insightful
virgonature2002: without you i would be so lost...how did I not think about the snozzberries
starbehindthescenes: the glass elevator leaves at dawn
virgonature2002: have you called Mr T?
starbehindthescenes: yes we spoke of elephunk
virgonature2002: only when you eat black eyed susans
virgonature2002: Do you think mashed navy beans would turn out like mashed potatos?
starbehindthescenes: we shall prance through the prairie and wiggle our ears to the beat of the warriors drum
virgonature2002: I have no ears
virgonature2002: just eyes in their place
starbehindthescenes: mashed navy beans are far inferior to fava beans
starbehindthescenes: you need to ears to hear what can be tasted
virgonature2002: It tastes GREY! GRAY!
starbehindthescenes: oh it must be the Japanese then
starbehindthescenes: as usual
virgonature2002: Do you participate in fish tossing?
virgonature2002: always
starbehindthescenes: It is better to toss a fish than catch a harpoon
virgonature2002: but I am a famous Spearer
starbehindthescenes: BRANDON THOMAS WAINSCOTT
virgonature2002: BARDSTOWN KY
virgonature2002: CATHOLICS MADE US DO IT
starbehindthescenes: Rogelio's Legion is upon us in leagues
virgonature2002: SAVE OUR SOULS
virgonature2002: SOS
starbehindthescenes: The catholics will never relinquish control
virgonature2002: they own the world
virgonature2002: we will lure them away with vats of red wine and hooker sweat
starbehindthescenes: these are the days of our lives
virgonature2002: they always fall for that
starbehindthescenes: REBECCA HARDIN IS IN COHOOTS
starbehindthescenes: the world is doomed in her hands
starbehindthescenes: SHE MUST BE STOPPED
starbehindthescenes: Or the planet will once again be flat
virgonature2002: we no longer wish to be on the side of dark
virgonature2002: its always been flat... the world round what an insane myth
starbehindthescenes: no its more of a cube
starbehindthescenes: so whilst there are flat surfaces it is not a single one
starbehindthescenes: so conceivably one could fall off the edge of the atlantic and land in Australia
virgonature2002: I think you miss the point
virgonature2002: Aeroplanes cannot fly.
virgonature2002: god i am so sleepy
starbehindthescenes: Aeroplanes may not fly but derigibles are the transportation of the future
starbehindthescenes: me too
virgonature2002: i wish they would come back srsly
starbehindthescenes: my eyelashes are hurting
starbehindthescenes: I do too
virgonature2002: i would dig traveling like that
starbehindthescenes: It would be amazing
virgonature2002: whoa weird
virgonature2002: hahaha
starbehindthescenes: especially if they are like the ones in the golden compass
virgonature2002: i think im going to my sleep coccoon in a minute
starbehindthescenes: nah my eyelashes hurt when I am super tired
starbehindthescenes: its like a burning ache haha
virgonature2002: i dont remember em, I booked a ticket aboard the Hindenberg i am so excited
virgonature2002: oh man we should go to sleep and share a dream
starbehindthescenes: I dream a dream of time gone by
virgonature2002: Who doesnt?
starbehindthescenes: The Jolly Green Giant
virgonature2002: i must retire to my cucumber chamber
virgonature2002: i bid you farewell and god speed on your mission
starbehindthescenes: I will be back before the year 1999
virgonature2002: viva la burrito!
virgonature2002: unite
starbehindthescenes: kazaam
virgonature2002: Shaq!
virgonature2002: haha i will talk to you tmw
virgonature2002: sleep well
starbehindthescenes: alright night!
starbehindthescenes: bye
virgonature2002: night night keep yo bum hole tight
virgonature2002: remember I'm watching ;o)
starbehindthescenes: hahaha
starbehindthescenes: I have nothing to hide
virgonature2002: I know lol
virgonature2002: ttyl
starbehindthescenes: gnight
virgonature2002 has signed out. (8/12/2011 3:27 AM)

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I have started compiling a list of possible gifts for Satinas xmas of things that she repeatedly asks for (i.e. paper dolls) Today she decided she MUST have a piano/keyboard after playing with one this afternoon. Thats fine. Before saving the file I asked her if there was anything she wanted to add. She thought for a moment and came back and said she wanted to add "Gelatin in a box" I was like what? and she repeated "Gelatin in a box" I was like satina, you are not getting gelatin in a box for christmas to which she responded "Okay, how about gelatin in a cup?"

random rant/stress post

Well, Stina informed me this morning that if something doesnt give around here soon Alabama might be next. Mixed emotions happening on that front. I have never lived in Alabama, so new is good, but its ALABAMA. Idk, I have a preconceived prejudice towards it. I think I will make a chart.

Never Lived There
Lots of country fans there, surely I could get friends w common interest
Closer to my Georgia peeps
Seville is moving there too, so we could hang out sometimes
Lower cost of living/Cheaper Rent
Further from the Plotners

Its not Florida
Closer to the Reece's
Satina would miss seeing John often

Yeah. That helps. Not. *sigh* Life is complicated.

(no subject)

This afternoon whilst napping I dreamt of puppies. One was being offered to me and was no bigger than my hand..which is saying something because I have small hands! He was a cute little thing, and the man offering him up insisted that he didnt know what kind of dog he was. I kept saying are you sure you dont know? It looks distinctively like a pit bull, and while I personally dont have an issue with the breed, its awfully hard to find a rental who allows them. He said no I am sure its just a mutt. So then I walk over to the window and look into my yard and it is TEEMING with adult pit bulls who are digging shallow graves for all the other puppies who had apparently died. they were lining the puppies up and dropping them into the graves one by one. Creepy. Also SAD. Then my sister came into the room and the puppy started growling at her in a deep bellowing growl. I was insisting it couldnt possibly be him, because he was so small and young, but it was. Weird.

kids say the darndest things.

Okay, so Swamp People, around here that show is numero uno. We call it Gator Hunters. Satina is obsessed with that show. So much so that she has specifically requested a gator hunters party for her birthday. And we are going to make that happen. More on that in the future.

So last night, Satina asked that me if for her 16th birthday I would buy her a gator hunting boat. With her name on the side. And two gator hunters, specifically Troy and Willie. I guess she loves Willie. I personally would have chosen Jay Paul, you know, cos hes hot, but for hunting purposes, her choices are legit. Troy once caught over 80 gators in a single day, and Willie wont let anything stop him from getting a gator. If its within reach of his hook, its as good as dead. Anyway, yeah she wants a gator boat, with hunters for her birthday. And a motorcycle from her Grammy. And a pink convertible. All in all, what can I say? Shes a child after my own heart.

Jay Paul. Yep as Swamp Folk go, that one is perdy handsome.